Selling On Social Workshop

Presenter Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM


Contact Hours 5.0

Lesson Time 7.5 Hours

Date August 21-26, 2023

Time 12PM - 1PM CST

Selling On Social Workshop

Presenter: Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM

Level: LPN, RN, APRN

Contact: Hours 5.0

Lesson Time: 7.5 Hours

Date: August 21-26, 2023

Time: 12PM - 1PM CST


Course Description

This workshop is designed to provide step-by-step support to help show up like a boss on social media and turn your side hustle into a profitable business. The workshop is led by Teresa Sanderson, Hospice Marketing Trainer & Consultant, who will share her personal marketing strategies that she used to grow a hospice to $3M from just a $6K investment and still uses today to grow her online business.

The workshop includes hands-on activities and group discussions to help you smoothly transition from marketing like everybody else to attracting your tribe in a way that is meaningful and provides massive value. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to up-level your marketing skills and take your business to the next level. With the support and guidance provided in this workshop, you will be able to show up on social media with confidence and create a profitable online business!

Behavioral Objectives:

Upon completion of this offering participants will be able to:

  • Define the concept of attraction marketing

  • Summarize strategies for making meaningful connections on Facebook & Linkedin

  • Discuss how personality-based marketing can be used to build strong relationships with clients

  • Identify the working parts of a sales funnel

  • Discuss social media marketing strategies for success

Teresa Sanderson Company, LLC, is approved as a provider of continuing nursing education by the Kansas State Board of Nursing. This course offering is approved for 5.0 contact hours applicable for APRN, RN or LPN relicensure. Kansas State Board of Nursing Provider Number: LT0304-0620

Day 1 - Selling On Social 101 & Friending On Facebook

Day 1 - Recording

Day 1 - Attestation Statement

Day 2 - Connecting On LinkedIn & Tales From YouTube

Day 2 - Recording

Day 2 - Attestation Statement

Day 3 - Personality-Based Marketing

Day 3 - Recording

Day 3 - Attestation Statement

Day 4 - Sales Funnels Made Easy

Day 4 - Recording

Day 4 - Attestation Statement

Day 5 - LIVE Q & A

Day 5 - Recording

Day 5 - Attestation Statement

Program Evaluation

Certificate of Nursing CE


Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM

Nursing Continuing Education Consultant

Hospice Marketing Consultant

Founder, Nurses Feed Their Young Movement


Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM

Nursing Continuing Education Consultant

Hospice Marketing Consultant

Founder, Nurses Feed Their Young Movement


Teresa Sanderson helps nurse entrepreneurs & hospice liaisons get in front of medical and community referral sources so they can serve more clients. She launched a hospice and grew it to $3M with just a $6K investment using only a nursing continuing education program as a vehicle for marketing. An RN for more than 30 years, she is a Certified Case Manager and was formerly a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse.

Teresa maintains an active Nursing Continuing Education Program accredited by the Kansas State Board Of Nursing and serves as a Nursing Continuing Education Consultant, a Marketing Coach to nurse entrepreneurs and as a Hospice Marketing Consultant to organizations across the US. She is the founder of Nurses Feed Their Young, a movement to improve nursing culture and work environment.

She resides on a homestead in rural Northeast Kansas with her husband, livestock and honeybees.


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